Island Icons

Ron Castro

Painter, sculptor, photographer, graphic designer, art instuctor -- Ron Castro has worked in a variety of media for more than fourty years. A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Ron's career was born out of his passion for the visual arts and his ability to communicate to a multitude of audiences using a myriad of media. While his work is rooted in his cultural heritage, his childhood education abroad and his curious observations have lent Ron's perspective a versatile and malleable quality.

This versatility has been manifest in his latest venture, Island Icons offers a wide variety of three-dimensional wood sculptures of Guam centric cultural icons, pendants, keepsake boxes and other products that reflect our island's historical, traditional and natural elements.

Island Icons can also design and produce presentation gifts, tabletop centerpeice decorations for social gatherings as well as custom designed offerings for those special people of occasions.