Mark Murer

At 16 Mark Murer got his first job at local glass company eventually becoming a glazier. Through the years his experience and fascination with the various colors and textures of glass grew. He began collecting broken shards from the factory floor, putting the odd shapes and colors together and has since been creating glass mosaics for over 30 years.

His earlier art was more abstract in nature. As he developed his craft, he began individually cutting and shaping each shard and sliver of glass by hand and carefully combining them to create his vision for each of his art pieces. Today his style has eveolved into intricate mosaics portraying the culture and natural beauty of our island and each of his glass creations is a unique and one-of-a-kind treasure.

Mark's mosaics capture the essence of Guam in a very different medium and have been enjoyed by many. His art can be found in coporate boardrooms, residence, and restaurants and has graced the walls of private collectors from Japan, Korea and the United States.