Sirena Souls

Cora Yanger Bejado

Sirena Soul Guam is proud to feature ocean-inspired and mermaid-themed apparel, accessories, jewelry and gifts for women of Guam and all lovers of the ocean. With inspiration from my duaghter Camille Celine (a self-professed mermaid), Sirena Soul Guam was created out of our home in 2014 with our handcrafted jewelry and uniquely designed apparel.

Our Products are further inspired by Guam's island lifestyle and the local legend of Sirena, a young Chamorro girl who became a Mermaid. We collaborate with local artist and all our apparel designs and accessories are produced locally. Our handmade jewelry features favorite ocean elements such as shells, sea glass, coral, and pearls as well as semi-precious stones, cocnut shell and betel nuts.

We want all women from Guam to connect with our island through our products, encouraging a love and respect for the ocean. We invite you to free you inner mermaid with Sirena Soul Guam!