GUMA Goals and Objectives

1. Identify local artists and cultural producers with high potential to succeed in a competitive retail environment.

  • Identify the product types and criteria that have high potential for success through an outreach program or hub for information sharing on program
  • Create a database of cultural producers whose products, skills and drive meet these criteria
  • Develop a comprehensive screening and application process to help identify those with the highest potential for success

2. Provide selected cultural producers with resources, guidance, tools and training to create marketable and sustainable Guam products.

  • Partner with other organizations or individuals to provide training in basic business, marketing, branding and retailing
  • Implement a real-time monitoring/mentoring program that delivers valuable feedback to the cultural producers from throughout the product value chain
  • Assist with business plan development and setting performance milestones for their business enterprise
  • Provide a dedicated shared-resource studio, training, gallery and retail space as a center of excellence for cultural producers

3. Provide outlets for the display and/or sale of their product collections.

  • Commission special collections or exclusive products for GUMA to be featured in DFS stores
  • Provide an exclusive retail space for the sale of GUMA products
  • Identify other potential retail outlets that can help sustain the business enterprise

4. Develop a sustainable market for high quality Guam products.

  • Assist in market studies/testing to identify types of Guam products that may have appeal
  • Assist cultural producers in understanding product perceptions and how to make them more successful
  • Leverage DFS Guam’s reputation to help create market demand for the Guam product lines

5. Encourage other local artists and crafters to pursue their dreams!

  • GUMA Incubator Program will include a public relations and outreach program to highlight the successes of the program and participants.
  • GUMA will identify and partner with NGOs and private/public sector supporters to build and expand the existing program.