The GUMA Entrepreneur Training Program

As a graduated program, GUMA facilitates and mentors local cultural producers, enhancing their entrepreneurship skills and business acumen required to develop their concept into a sustainable business enterprise. This includes collaborating with the University of Guam, the Small Business Development Center, the Guam Community College and other organizations with training programs in business basics, marketing, branding and retailing.

The training program is designed to be highly flexible to meet the needs of participants who will be entering the program at different stages of their business experiences. The program will include a hands-on basic training courses in business planning, marketing, branding, competing, retailing and operating small business of their own design.

The GUMA training regimen consists of three modules: The first module (Infancy Stage) focuses on the foundations of business basics. The second module (Incubator Stage) explores developing business ideas around the product line(s) and development, and the third module (Breakthrough Stage) gets into the nuts and bolts of running a business with emphasis on operational skills needed and resources available to entrepreneurs. Each module will be custom designed to complement the participant’s pre-existing knowledge, experience and exposure to business, at any level.