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Training & Mentoring

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GUMA's 2021 Training & Mentoring Graduation

GUMA's 2022 Training & Mentoring Graduates

Our Training & Mentoring Program covers the basics of running a small business including financial, marketing, and business planning, legalities, taxing, and grants. GUMA teams up with SBDC to teach aspiring & established entrepreneurs what it takes to become a self-sustaining business on Guam. 

This sixteen-week program is held on Saturdays from 9AM to 12PM at the

University of Guam's School of Business.

The timeline below shows the steps in obtaining a

Training & Mentoring Program Certification.

Registration for our Training & Mentoring (16-Week) Program will begin soon.

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Training & Mentoring Program Timeline

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"GUMA taught me how to operate a business. They inspired me to do more with my activity because I was just kind of laying back on my artwork."

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Mark Murer

"With GUMA, I learned that coming out of my shell, networking, and making friends within the business community can really help you propel your business."

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"GUMA taught me that I have to go put myself out there. Make the right connections, start talking to people that I don't even know yet, and just do the ground work."

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Louise Gianan

Andrea Murer

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