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I Bisinun Mami

Guam Unique Merchandise & Art has teamed up with the Mayors Council of Guam to provide free home-based business training to aspiring & established business owners and entrepreneurs! 


Opportunities include a Village Resource Directory, Village Trade Fairs, and business start-up grant funding.


I Bisinun Mami was created during the pandemic for those who wanted to start or expand their own home-based business but didn't know how. GUMA created the "Five Steps to Starting or Expanding a Home Based Business" to better explain the importance of having a plan and sticking to it. Participants are also encouraged to collaborate and assist each other when given the chance. 

How do i start?

GUMA has implemented a ticketing system to make attendance tracking easier and paperless!


  1. Choose one of the training dates & locations below to access the ticketing page​​ (you will need to sign in or create a GUMA account to access this page)

  2. Fill out the registration form

  3. Download your ticket PDF or screenshot the QR Code to sign in at training!

You will also be emailed a copy of your ticket after you complete the registration. Please be sure to bring a digital or physical copy of your ticket to the training so we can sign you in easily.

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